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No Excuses

I have written this month’s invoices, delivered my latest project, done the laundry and the dishes – so I think I have all the right in the world to spend half an hour or so being bored.
Boredom is a feeling that is dramatically undervalued. All my life, I have been bored, and after six decades of fruitless attempts to avoid an emotion that seems to be at the core of my personality, I have decided to embrace it.
An appreciative approach to boredom is so much more attractive than the guilt-ridden one we’ve been brought up with, don’t you think?
People sometimes remark on the creative advantages that come with boredom, feeding the widely held belief that we only can find acceptable that, which leads to improved productivity. But since not all boredom ends up making you rich, the feeling of guilt may very well prevail and rob you of the pure, unadulterated sense of complete lack of purpose.
I have been there. And if there had been any money involved in my endeavours, I certainly would want it back.
Now it is time to meet my boredom from a different angle: to examine what it is, where it comes from, and how we can enjoy each others company.
You are welcome to join me.